What’s doin’?

Everything you wanted to know and then some!

The Local – Saratoga, NY

derryX orders fish and chips for brunch…

“Off the list”

derryX gets so frustrated sometimes!

I’m breaking a meme…


Labadee, Haiti aka the island of Mortal Kombat

derryX enters the island of Mortal Kombat…but does he return from the Netherrealm?

How many times can I buy the same thing?

derryX RAMbles on about some of the things he’s repurchased over the years…

Teaser: Collaboration

derryX unleashes a video that should blow you away!

2011 – Video Game Retrospective

derryX looks back at video games in 2011…

My favorite 2011 Halloween Costume

derryX says some quick words about his favorite 2011 Halloween Costume

Return to Mortal Kombat

derryX returns to his roots in MORTAL KOMBAT…