How many times can I buy the same thing?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to whether or not to purchase remastered versions of old things. George Lucas comes under fire every time he re-releases his Star Wars series. In his defense, at least he is updating it so it’s up to date with current technology. Sure, he takes some liberties every time he does it, but it’s ultimately his vision. And, of course, people are critical that he is “multi-dipping” to get people to buy as many versions of the same thing to line his pockets. I’ll tell you what, you create something that catches on as well as that, and we’ll see what you do. It’s a no-brainer to keep a business like that going.

Honestly, as a customer, I’ll buy something I’m interested in as many times as I have to. I’m not a purist at all. I don’t own nine different versions of Star Wars, or anything else for that matter. If it’s cost effective to do so, I normally try to sell my previous version of stuff, so I normally have the latest version.

There are a few exceptions. I will own certain movies in every format in which they are available. Dumb and Dumber, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and Rushmore are the more recent examples of this; I own them on both DVD and Blu Ray, and I don’t see any reason why I have to get rid of the DVDs. I bought Mortal Kombat II on pretty much every format in which it has been released. [and I beat the crap out of it on the impossible Xbox Live version.]

When it comes to music, I honestly don’t buy a lot of new stuff. I don’t know many people in my demographic who can really stomach current pop hits enough to buy full CDs. Occasionally, something outstanding comes out, like Katy Perry’s “E.T.” (ft. Kanye West), so I’ll buy a single here and there [don’t judge; listen closely to the beat, which wasn’t even intended for her, and you’ll understand, and, if you don’t, I’m really sorry.]

I was really excited when Cassie bought me the mono remastered Beatles collection released in 2010. So excited, that I decided to go out and buy the missing albums. I now own the best versions of all of the Beatles albums ever released. That’s pretty damn cool!

I get excited when I hear that certain things are coming out in a remastered format. In 2011, my favorite album of all time, Pearl Jam’s Vs. got a remastered CD released. Of course, I had to buy it. I was pissed that the case for the CD is shorter and wider than any other CD case in the history of the world, but I’ll live.

I learned that Paul McCartney was releasing a(nother) remaster of his RAM album, and, since the only format I own is digital, I had to buy that.

I’ve probably blogged about this before (1 2), but I really love RAM. There’s no other full album that I’ve had as much enjoyment listening to as this in the last five years. I was introduced to it by Tom Scharpling during his Best Show on WFMU back around 2009, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I got a little pissed after I placed my order for the RAM remaster on Amazon. You know how it recommends “Things other people who bought your item purchased” or whatever? Well it suggested this to me.

Damn, did I want that deluxe set! I’m sure it’s worth every penny, but I really can’t justify the price. Well, I could, but I had already started spending some serious money. Buying the remaster of RAM kind of opened up some floodgates for me. Paul also recently released remasters of McCartney, McCartney II, and his Wings collaboration, Band on the Run, all albums I never owned. So I picked those up too. All of those albums are very good, but I can’t imagine myself wanting any future remasters of these albums (maybe Band on the Run, maybe).

The universe has been good to me in the past two years. It gave me a remaster of Vs., and it gave me a remaster of RAM. Of course, I paid for them, but at least they were made available. If stars align and a remastered version of Metallica’s …and Justice for All gets released (and believe me, it needs a remastered version, even Hetfield says they messed up by keeping the bass virtually out of the mix), then there’s nothing else I can really expect out of the universe, now; is there?

(UPDATE: After this post was initially drafted, the deluxe four disc CD and one DVD Ram set has been purchased. It’s on the way. I couldn’t not own this. I need to hear RAM in mono. Now, I’m obsessed with this, and I don’t even own a record player!)


4 thoughts on “How many times can I buy the same thing?

  • Valerae

    A few years ago, a fan remixed Justice and called it put it out as …And Justice for Jason. If you google it you can find the torrents. They’re pretty good (if you don’t want to wait for 10 years for Metallica to get around to remasters). It’s not like Jason’s playing sucked and they had to mix him down…the bass on that album is phenomenal if you listen hard (that goes without saying, Jason is a really fabulous musician).

    I feel like a kid on xmas listening to those mono albums. The first time I heard Ob la di I realized you can’t hear the claps at the beginning…some of the mix stuff is crazy different and some of it’s subtle – all of it, interesting and a really cool study in what goes on in that recording booth and subsequent mix session.

    I need to start collecting PJ’s albums again (a divorce compromise – lost them to the ex – knowing they were being remastered I let him have them with little argument). I do have the Ten remaster and need to get the rest. PJ is one of those bands, like the Beatles, Zeppelin, Maiden & RHCP, where I want to own all of it. Like one of the Bob’s says in Office Space about Michael Bolton: “I celebrate the man’s entire catalog.”

  • -R.

    You really ought to own a turntable – a record player is a toy, like something made by Fisher-Price, Yorx, or BSR. A turntable however is for playing LPs. Turntables should not be made entirely of plastic, and they should not have a USB port on them; they should also not be part of a cheap 80’s rack system. For those of you who grew up listening only to CDs or worse yet, downloaded MP3s (shudder), and have never heard music reproduced on vinyl on a proper stereo system – well kids, you just don’t know what you’re missing.


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