Who is Jerry?

An average guy with an above average attention to detail. Seriously. I focus on the most mundane things. I have fun, though.

derryX - Diamond Cutter Champ

About Jerry P. Papandrea

Out of a desire to network and establish a social media presence, I started “detention with dean derryX” for fun back in 2010. As it has evolved and my years of experience working as a cook in my family’s Italian specialties shop has peered through my writing, my perspectives on dining, cooking, and the NY capital region have become a big focus. Through connections forged through this website, I am frequently invited to teach cooking classes to groups of all different sizes.

I dedicate a lot of time and energy to fitness. I am a certified DDP Yoga Instructor offering live personalized classes and coaching in person or online via Skype or Google Hangouts.

I appreciate the many intricacies of film, music, literature, video games, and other arts. I think all are essential sources of enjoyment, and I like having this space to highlight my experiences. I hope that sharing here helps others tailor their own experiences.