My favorite 2011 Halloween Costume

Through the social media connections, I got to see a lot of the costumes that you guys put together.

There were a few that stood out as my favorites this year, but one that totally deserves the proverbial cigar that we tease people with when we say “close but no cigar.”

One really awesome costume was Chell, put together by Erin Morelli. Here’s a link to the picture she posted to twitter yesterday. This costume is amazing and, having followed Erin for a while, I know she’s a Portal superfan. Much work went into this costume, so it deserves extra mad props.

A young lady named Jojo who has a private twitter account (otherwise I’d post a link to the photo) dressed her newborn child in a Winnie the Pooh costume. Not the most creative thing, but it won a spot in my heart. It is very cute.

But the winning, or dare I say #winning, costume for me this year comes courtesy of friend and fellow Friend of Tom, Harri Woliner.

He was not Charlie Sheen. (Fooled you!)

He has talked about it for months. He apparently does one of the greatest Don Corleone impressions on the planet. I have never seen nor heard it, but after this weekend, I believe him.


The images will make you believe him, too.

It’s just a black suit dressed up with an Akubra hat and bow tie. The grey hair puts it over the top for me, and the orange sends it further into legendary status. To be honest, the voice could be totally off and I would still think it’s amazing.

And Halloween 2011 is officially a wrap!


2 thoughts on “My favorite 2011 Halloween Costume

  • Erin Morelli

    Thanks for the extra mad props! I’m super excited about how well it turned out 🙂

    • derryX

      Knowing how much of a fan you are definitely put into perspective the amount of work that went into it. Also being familiar with the game, and knowing how difficult it is to even get to look at the protagonist, the attention to detail that you gave it is uncanny.


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