Labadee, Haiti aka the island of Mortal Kombat

Contrary to what you might believe, I did lots of stuff during our trip on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. I outlined a lot of the stuff I did on the ship already.

But we also got off the boat three times. (Well, four if you include debarkation.)

The first port we stopped in was Labadee, Haiti. It honestly sounds weird to think they’d let people off the ship in Haiti, but Labadee is a portion of the island that’s leased off to Royal Caribbean. In fact, while we were there, we got to eat buffet food that was cooked on the island, but most likely was made from the same ingredients from the ship. Also, the people serving alcoholic beverages, Labadooseys, to be exact, on the beach were the same guys serving on the pool decks on the ship.

Honestly, Labadee, Haiti was a complete bust. There wasn’t much to do; the shops were filled with handmade nonsense perfectly crafted for tourists. The beach was pretty crappy, and, to top it off, it was overcast for most of the time that we were off the boat.

But I did find something to appreciate in Labadee.

Plastered all over the island were these silly little signs that had icons that grouped the “neighborhoods.” There was a dragon neighborhood, and the icon was literally stolen from Mortal Kombat, something I’m pretty obsessed with.

I took a picture of every instance of it I passed.

(oops, no Mortal Kombat here)

I honestly got way too much enjoyment out of that. I’m sure I annoyed the hell out of Cassie, Nancy, and Eric by stopping every time I saw that damn thing to take a picture. Ohh well. [I never said I wasn’t annoying.]

Actually, in the big shop on the island, they were selling some pretty inexpensive Haitian rum, and they were offering shots for $1. I had to give it a shot (get it? yuk yuk)

I don’t know everything there is to know about rum, but I do know that every Puerto Rican rum I’ve had was superior to this. It tasted like lighter fluid would. (How would I know? I never tried lighter fluid!)

But anyway, as we were walking away from the beach, we saw the best sight I saw all day:


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