What’s doin’?

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here. I appreciate all of the messages you’ve been sending in about how much you miss derryX Dines or my “dead blog”, but, like I’ve said time and time again, I’m not ready to pack it in quite yet.

So what have I been up to? That’s the big question.

Well, there was a brief return of derryX Dines. I haven’t really tried many other new places in the last couple of months, mainly because I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to drop a few pounds (more on this a little later) but also because there have been some family functions where I’ve been indulging just a bit.



In January, Cousin Bobby and I co-taught our Amazing Pizza at Home class at Different Drummers Kitchen again. It was a smash hit.


In February, I taught my Italian Comfort Foods class at Different Drummers. Somewhere in between the two classes, my back went out. A 12 year old injury that hasn’t bothered me since 2009 reared its ugly head, and, ironically, I think the smoking gun was shoveling 4 inches of snow over a 15 x 3 foot stretch behind my house. All it takes is one wrong move!

It was difficult to function at times, and it was certainly difficult for me to consistently work out, which made it hard to stay motivated to keep my diet clean. By March, I was doing pretty good, and then Wrestlemania happened. Those of you who have been reading the blog for a while know that I usually go all out with a Wrestlemania menu and the whole nine. This year, I decided to be lazy and order Pizza Hut. One of the things I used to hit really hard was their meat lovers pan pizza. That’s what I had, and I ordered some of their honey sriracha sauce on the side (side note: that sauce was insanely good!). Well, returning to that old meal set something off in me that made me easily lose motivation. The last couple of weeks have been a mish-mash of healthy eating and indulgence, and I really can’t say it’s been worth it at all. I’ve been feeling a little sluggish. Time to get the ship back on track. No more excuses.

I’ve been putting a good amount of effort toward my DDP Yoga Certification studies. I have a group at work that I train with weekly, and that has been helping me accumulate training hours. I’m a little under 4 hours away! I also had the opportunity to attend a workshop focusing on the psoas muscle at Free Style Fitness. I’m attending a workshop on yoga and anatomy this afternoon at The Hot Yoga Zone. In addition to all this, I’ve been studying my print materials and getting prepared to finish, hopefully by the end of June. After that, you never know! You might be seeing DDP Yoga on the schedule at your favorite local fitness center or yoga studio…

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for details on upcoming (free) DDP Yoga training opportunities. The weather is getting better, so I’ll be back at The Crossings within a matter of weeks.

I’ve been doing some video gaming, mostly on my *New* Nintendo 3DS XL. I played all the way through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time (which is probably the greatest video game of all time), and I finished New Super Mario Bros. 2 (which is probably the least innovative and imaginative video game of all time), and now I’m working my way through Mario Kart 7. I have Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D on deck, and this week is Mortal Tuesday; Mortal Kombat X is coming out for PS4.

the nWo at Wrestlemania 31

Can I tell you how excited I was to see the nWo return at Wrestlemania 31? The circumstance was a little weird, they interfered in a match to help Sting. That was confusing since Sting was against them for a long time in WCW, but it was crazy to hear Rockhouse (which, by the way, I wake up to every morning) and awesome to see Hall, Nash, and Hogan in a WWE ring.

Even though I swore off April Fools jokes after the one that was pulled on me last year when local bloggers worked with hackers to take down the blog, I tried pulling one this year on my facebook and twitter friends. It was about finally starting a yelp profile, which those of you who know me know would be the last thing I would do. I was busy at work that day, but when I later realized that status update was reported on facebook, I got a chuckle. People take their yelp seriously, I guess.

So all that fun stuff and being busy at work has been occupying my time. It’s time to pick up the pace on my #Destroy2015 campaign, because, by the end of the year, everything is going to be different.

Post script:

Ohh Yeah. I got a new wallet.



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  • Roz

    I miss your derryXdines posts. Those are the best reviews I’ve ever read.

    I know how it is to work hard to lose weight, and then have your body want to gain it back. Famines are coded into our DNA.

    As for those local bloggers and hackers–did it help their readership any?


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