I’m breaking a meme…

Unless you live in a bubble, you’re probably aware of this ridiculous internet meme, Ermahgerd. Maybe you’re not, and you’re a better person. It’s really kind of stupid, but I guess that’s true of any meme or catchphrase, even when you know the full history.

I’m not one to really contribute to the hack job memes that are all over facebook, instagram, and other internet media. The hack job memes here at derryX.com are for a much more specific audience, and are really something people can only appreciate if they know the whole story. For example, “THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIEEEEEEEFE!!!!,” over a year after I told the story, people are still buying the t-shirt and referencing the quotation.

I even had someone recently say to me, “This house SUCKS!!!”

I like these silly things.

But I really do not like Ermahgerd.

I do like Ermacgerd, though.

What’s that, you ask? Well, recently, All Over Albany had a contest to win an insane amount of money worth of prizes as part of promotion of a festival of the arts in the Mohawk/Hudson region. MoHu, it was dubbed. For the contest, they asked people to make up a word and to tell them what it means. I couldn’t resist butchering “Ermahgerd” into Ermacgerd, and I even defined it as “an annoying meme that celebrates the complete and utter enthusiasm for Ermac from the Mortal Kombat video game franchise.”

I’ve spoken at length here about how much of a fan of Mortal Kombat I am. I even found the damn island of Mortal Kombat! So it’s only natural that changing one letter of a dumb meme creates something that I like.


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