Brick House Tavern and Tap – Latham, NY

Jerry checks out Brick House Tavern…

Celadon Thai Restaurant – Latham, NY

Jerry has Thai food in Latham…

How much is that cannoli in the window?

Jerry seldom gets angry, but when he does, it’s over pastry.

Wheatfields Bistro – Clifton Park, NY

Jerry has a chicken parm dinner at Wheatfields.

Strange sequence of events at Starbucks

Jerry doesn’t know what he keeps witnessing.

No such thing as a free Chipotle lunch

Jerry talks about how a free burrito at Chipotle led to some less than desirable interactions and observations.

The Buffer Seat

There’s an unwritten rule about where you sit in a movie theater when there aren’t many people there. They talked about it on Seinfeld, and it’s just common sense.

Passport renewal trials and tribulations…

derryX tries to get a passport renewed…

Visiting Whole Foods

derryX hit up Whole Foods for juice and PBR (just kidding, only juice)…

Revisited: Shogun – Albany, NY

derryX tries Shogun’s sashimi…