Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2006

Here’s where things get a little personal (but not too much). I hit a low point in early 2006. Circumstances aligned, and I ended up leaving graduate school for one reason or another. I also took a job commuting almost 2.5 hours (round trip) per day. Because of this stuff, I started disconnecting myself from my social circles. I went back to basics. That year, my birthday was a lot more simple. My buddies Jeff and Darth came up and hung out with me, Dom, and a few people who aren’t in the picture anymore. Schlubwurks, we called it. After we sat around, talked trash, watched Darth eat BLTs, and played Guitar Hero, we went to Muddy’s to watch karaoke.Read More

Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2005

In preparation for my birthday festivities at the end of this month, I’m running this feature in which I recap my last 5 birthdays. 2005 was a big year for Myspace. I actually used myspace to promote a fairly large party for myself at Bombers. The people I remember being there were Dom, his lady at the time, my lady at the time, Brian G., Kristina M., Claire, Leann, Stacy, and possibly a few others. It’s honestly a little difficult to remember who else may have been there because of (a) drinking the birthday margarita and (b) some drama regarding being late to my own party, which conveniently set the stage for everything I went through earlier this year. ItRead More

Ba Ha Dugginich

This story may have been told on my original Blogger blog, but I’m not sure. It’s just been prominent in my head for some reason in the past few days, so I’m gonna re-tell it for the millionth time. I was huge into Mortal Kombat II when it was in the arcades. I used to go constantly to the mall and to Burt’s Sportsplex in middlegare to play it. The difficulty dip settings on the machines in the mall were set much lower than at Burt’s, so, if there were very few people playing at the mall, I could easily get to Kintaro. There were some other regulars too. There was BEV Lowes, a heavy set guy who worked atRead More

Plugging Manville

It’s taken me a while, but I’m pushing my way through catching up on the podcast, but here is one you’ll want to catch. Manville or, you can subscribe via iTunes Johnny Hustle talks many topics, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to relate to something over the course of the shows. Right now there are only 7 episodes, and it looks like it’s growing every week, so get in and caught up while it’s early, because it looks like this is gonna be one for the books. If you do decide to subscribe, leave a comment on this post, please.

I NEED YOU!!! (A must read)

So something big is brewing for this blog. I’m working on a major post that involves “The Twitch.” Don’t know what that is? Look here or here. My avatar pictures in both cases is the twitch. What I need you to do is email me with your favorite picture of the twitch. Ideally, it’s a picture of you doing the twitch, but it could be anything. Just make sure you provide a link for photo credit, if applicable. So email me if you want to be included in one of the most epic blog posts ever known to man. The deadline is This Sunday, July¬†18 at midnight

Shave of your life…

…or your money back. I purchased a new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor fully intending on holding them to this. I have used the Gillette Mach3 for 12 years now and have had no reason to switch. However, walking through Target and seeing a sale on Fusion razors and also seeing the stock for Mach3 replacement blades appearing to thin down, I figured I might as well give the newest technology a shot. The Fusion ProGlide Razor comes in two different models, the manual and the power. The difference between the two is that the handle for the Power razor is thicker to accomodate a AAA battery which enables vibration of the unit. I opted for this model since bothRead More

Can't be just me: Part 2

I was walking to my car from dinner, and someone had parked their car anti-parallel to mine on my driver’s side while I was walking to the car. The passengers in the other car were already out of the car, and I was standing there waiting for the driver to exit so that I could get into my car. The driver was an older woman, I’d say about 60 or so. The passengers were around the same age. This was in Stuyvesant Plaza, and they all looked like they were upper middle class, kind of spoiled people. She didn’t realize I was there waiting. Once she got out of her car, she totally stared into my car. She looked atRead More