Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2005

In preparation for my birthday festivities at the end of this month, I’m running this feature in which I recap my last 5 birthdays.

2005 was a big year for Myspace. I actually used myspace to promote a fairly large party for myself at Bombers. The people I remember being there were Dom, his lady at the time, my lady at the time, Brian G., Kristina M., Claire, Leann, Stacy, and possibly a few others. It’s honestly a little difficult to remember who else may have been there because of (a) drinking the birthday margarita and (b) some drama regarding being late to my own party, which conveniently set the stage for everything I went through earlier this year.

It was actually a fun time. I was probably training and dieting the hardest of my life. I remember not even ordering a burrito that night, but getting the Jerk Pork Plate, which is everything that goes into the Jerk Pork Burrito without the tortilla in a metal dog bowl. Some pictures exist from that night, but the only one that really matters is here:

I was pretty thin...

As far as any presents I received, I really don’t recall. This was around the time where my family started realizing that the best stuff to get me was DVDs and Video Games, so it was probably some combination of that.

My overall frame of mind was pretty high. I was gaining popularity through social media (like myspace and I think even facebook), and more importantly through my Nerrysoft blog, which was snowballing into something that transcends blogging. Graduate school was going well. Things were lining up for me to finish. So everything was good.


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