Shave of your life…

…or your money back.

I purchased a new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor fully intending on holding them to this.

I have used the Gillette Mach3 for 12 years now and have had no reason to switch. However, walking through Target and seeing a sale on Fusion razors and also seeing the stock for Mach3 replacement blades appearing to thin down, I figured I might as well give the newest technology a shot.

The Fusion ProGlide Razor comes in two different models, the manual and the power. The difference between the two is that the handle for the Power razor is thicker to accomodate a AAA battery which enables vibration of the unit. I opted for this model since both the Manual and the Power handles were on sale for $8 (MSRP = $8.99). Before making the purchase, I ensured that there is only one type of replacement cartridge for both handles, and there is.

The cartridges are fairly expensive. The best price I could find (without actually going out) was on for $30/12 (or $2.50/cartridge). This is really no different than the Mach3 blades, which still, to this day, cost about $2/cartridge no matter what anyway. A Mach3 cartridge could last me anywhere from 1-3 months depending on my shaving frequency, so I anticipate that with 5 blades, a Fusion cartridge would last something like 2-3 months. That’s not really too bad.

Anyway, the shave…

I kept all variables the same. I used my usual Barbasol shaving cream. It had been about 3 days since my last shave. I shaved immediately after a morning shower. The resulting shave was very smooth. I have a part of my jaw that can be picky depending on the direction of the shave, but this was no problem at all for the Fusion. I will admit that I did cut myself just a tiny bit under my right ear, but I will fully take the blame for that since I put a little too much pressure in that sensitive area. Also, the vibration probably did help me get a more smooth shave.

All that said, I’d say this was the best shave of my life since trying the Mach3 10 years ago.

I’d say, if you were thinking about making the jump, give it a shot. So far so good. If I see that the blades don’t last very long (and I don’t see why this would happen), I might switch back to Mach3, but that would be the only reason.


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