GIVEAWAY! Your chance to really win…

So I’ve decided how I’ll handle the first Triple D giveaway. Why don’t we play a little how well do you know me or how well can you guess? The winner gets a Like New (opened, viewed once, and meticulously cared for) copy of Reservoir Dogs on DVD. I am the ultimate judge in the event of any ambiguity or a tie, and I will decide how to proceed. To enter the competition, copy the below three questions as well as your responses and leave them as a comment to this post. My favorite band is Metallica. What is my favorite song by them? What is my hands-down favorite television show of all time? There is a food that IRead More

Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2009

This was a really fun year to celebrate. Well it was and it wasn’t. A few days before, I felt myself getting really down. And I’m not sure if it was the feeling of self-actualization or if I could see things falling apart with my marriage. But to celebrate this year, I decided to surround myself with some of the people I care about most and take over Wolff’s Biergarten the way the nWo usually does. I planned this on a weekend (actually 2 days before my birthday) so that a few heavy hitters could come, but I had no idea I would have the turn out that I did. Here’s a run-through of who made it: From the capitalRead More

Here we go, bringing it back: AYBABTU

New (old) concept: “All your base are belong to us” If you are photoshop savvy or do a good, fun chop job, email me your AYBABTU pictures, and I will post them with credit to you.

Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2008

Yeah I don’t remember a thing about this year…

The twitch…

All good things must come to an end, and, with that said, so must the suspense behind the elusive “The Twitch” post. So without any further ado, behold, ladies and gentlemen… HULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! The one that started it all… Politicians George W. Bush doing the twitch Sarah Palin saying, “HULLLLLLLLLLL!!!” Comedians Harland Williams is feeling a little twitchy. Paul F. Tompkins does the twitch all day long. People you know and love derryX twitching all over the place dompap twitching over Cherry Coke Big Mike Walsh about to say, “POOOOOOOOO” metalfrog twitching for the cause derryX with an impromptu twitch due to outside interference from metalfrog 8-bit naked Mike Tyson doing the twitch So, I will ask you all: DO YOURead More

Give-it-away now…

I came into possession of an item that would be a great blog giveaway. I just want to make sure that if we’re gonna have a competition with a giveaway, that we do it derryX style. So what do you guys want? A quiz? A random winner based on comments? Guess what number I’m thinking? I’m open to your suggestions…


Look at me. I’m a buck tooth f*ck!

Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2007

Fresh off the heels of an epic wedding and even more epic honeymoon all over Italy, it was time to celebrate my birthday in 2007. This was the year of the “Birthday Flip Flop.” This was a unique year because I actually spent my birthday celebrating someone else’s birthday. Turns out my then wife’s cousin decided to throw her party on the week after her actual birthday which, of course, had to coincide with mine. Luckily, my family was nice enough to celebrate with me the week prior to my birthday. Actually, my parents were even nicer and included Jeff Gorfman in the celebration. Here are some shots from this: So celebrating my birthday was all set at this point.Read More


I just wanted to check in once this weekend to let you all know that tomorrow is the cut off for the Twitch picture submissions. Like I mentioned earlier in the week, I have a lot of great stuff that some of you sent in, and those of you who who haven’t are going to kick yourselves in the ass when you see how epic this post will be. You’re gonna want to be a part of this. Don’t say I didn’t say so…

Knee Jerk

So I decided to use 75 points that I accumulated on my trusty Subway Card today for a steak and cheese sub. I really like Subway’s steak and cheese sub, especially with lots of Chipotle Southwest sauce. Since I frequent this Subway establishment often, I noticed that there were two new employees on the line. Both were female, no older than 20. One was a sandwich artist, and the other was working the register. This caused the line to be a little longer than usual. The other staff on the line were doing what they needed to ensure proper training of new staff and adequate advancement of the customer line. There were three people ahead of me. In order, thereRead More