Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2006

Here’s where things get a little personal (but not too much).

I hit a low point in early 2006. Circumstances aligned, and I ended up leaving graduate school for one reason or another. I also took a job commuting almost 2.5 hours (round trip) per day. Because of this stuff, I started disconnecting myself from my social circles. I went back to basics.

That year, my birthday was a lot more simple.

My buddies Jeff and Darth came up and hung out with me, Dom, and a few people who aren’t in the picture anymore.

Schlubwurks, we called it.

I opened my door to this (Jeff)
Darth looked through ass comics
This didn't last long...

After we sat around, talked trash, watched Darth eat BLTs, and played Guitar Hero, we went to Muddy’s to watch karaoke. This was before the days where I would perform. It was an awkward but fun time.

I also visited my parents, who, let’s say, got a little carried away on the desserts:

Blueberry Buckle, 2 icebox cakes, and 2 real cakes

I think that year I got a Nintendo DS Lite (which I later traded in for a Nintendo DSi). I’m sure I also got a whole bunch of DVDs and video games as well.


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