It's time…

…to re-live the infamous Sid Leg break, which, by the way, can best be described as on the youtube page for the video “Sid messing up jumping from ropes.”

I didn't PhotoShop this…

I really won like that!

The 2010 Birthday Gift Recap

Because I always have a difficult time remembering what gifts I received, I decided to recap it here. I’m sure there will be a few late comers to the game, but all of the 2010 gifts to date follow a certain theme, movement toward an epic video library. This year, Dom came through with a couple of Blu Ray selections, Robocop and The Departed. Both were movies that I wanted, and, at least in the case of The Departed, are must owns. [If you don’t know, I am collecting 80’s action films on Blu Ray so Robocop is must own for me.] Brian G and Rory came through with a Best Buy gift card that went toward the purchase ofRead More


This one goes way back to April 3, 2010. My friend Cute~Ella was celebrating her birthday and decided to make it a multi-faceted event, like only she and I can. We started with an Albany River Rats hockey game at the Times Union Center Arena. Oddly enough it was the final regular season game for the Albany River Rats, which was kind of cool and also kind of unexciting. I do not remember who the opposing team was but the quality of play was pretty shameful, and I’m not saying that as a professional hockey player but as someone who enjoys a good game of hockey if the mood is right. The party moved over to Bombers where Cute~Ella enjoyedRead More

2010 Birthday Wrap Up

For now, I’ll just leave you guys with a few ideas. I don’t really have time to do either the Birthday Part 2 Recap or the Birthday gift recap. Karaoke has come and gone. Biergarten has come and gone. This all means my birthday has come and gone. It’s a bittersweet ending to a great year. Most important of all, I got to spend time with some of the people that I consider friends, and that ain’t bad at all. So what you guys have to look forward to in the next few days: A recap of the Biergarten festivities from 2010 A recap of the birthday gifts received in 2010 A story about motorcyclism Some random IDPT or AYBABTURead More

Come be a part of history

Tonight from 5:30-8pm, I’m going to be at Wolff’s Biergarten celebrating my 31st birthday. Instead of reading about it in a few days, why don’t you come out and give me some stories?


C’mon guys. Entries are lacking here, and this really is anybody’s contest. GIVEAWAY! Your chance to really win… Don’t let Darth Dick steal this opportunity away from you. You have until Midnight on August 1.


(Submitted by Ashley, Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen Blog)

derryX 2010 Birthday Celebration Part 1 Recap

This year I decided to split up my birthday celebration. The main motivation was that, since the actual day falls on a weekday (Tuesday July 27), I figured not a lot of people would come to that. So I spent the morning on Saturday, July 24 doing some of my usual routines. Starbucks and Troy Farmers Market with my girlfriend. While we were walking out of there, it started to rain, and this woman looked back at us and said, “OOOH YOU’RE GONNA GET WET!!” Turns out she was talking to a little baby, but she didn’t do much to get out of our way. It’s not like we wanted to get wet because we had to walk her turtleRead More