GIVEAWAY! Your chance to really win…

So I’ve decided how I’ll handle the first Triple D giveaway. Why don’t we play a little how well do you know me or how well can you guess?

The winner gets a Like New (opened, viewed once, and meticulously cared for) copy of Reservoir Dogs on DVD.

I am the ultimate judge in the event of any ambiguity or a tie, and I will decide how to proceed.

To enter the competition, copy the below three questions as well as your responses and leave them as a comment to this post.

  1. My favorite band is Metallica. What is my favorite song by them?
  2. What is my hands-down favorite television show of all time?
  3. There is a food that I absolutely despise. What is it?

Get your responses in. Competition ends August 2, 2010, at which point I will notify the winner.

UPDATE: when you submit your response, before approval, I will replace your text with “entered the contest” and archive your responses elsewhere. This way you can’t cheat off of each other.


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