Birthday Countdown Flashback – 2009

This was a really fun year to celebrate. Well it was and it wasn’t. A few days before, I felt myself getting really down. And I’m not sure if it was the feeling of self-actualization or if I could see things falling apart with my marriage. But to celebrate this year, I decided to surround myself with some of the people I care about most and take over Wolff’s Biergarten the way the nWo usually does.

Wolff's Biergarten Albany, NY

I planned this on a weekend (actually 2 days before my birthday) so that a few heavy hitters could come, but I had no idea I would have the turn out that I did. Here’s a run-through of who made it:

From the capital region

Good old dompap
Ryan C. from work
Aaron G. from work
Brian G.

From elsewhere

Darth Dick, who discovered Framboise for the first time that day
Dino C. from MTV networks
Ashley C., writer, cook, and photographer for Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen (did you know they make a camera tripod that looks like a triple headed adult play toy?)

There were others. You’ll have to trust me on that.

There are so many side stories that I want to tell, but I should just get down to the birthday festivities.

I got there early enough to start out with a pancake brunch. I had Oreo pancakes, and they were delicious but not substantial.

So the bartender at Biergarten is a guy named Mark. Turns out, his birthday is July 25 and he was turning 30 in 2009 too!


He was a good sport. The general policy there is that they don’t give you a birthday boot unless it’s your birthday. But I explained myself and he gave it anyway. He even let me take some pics of his props.

Call me Markkkkkkkkkk

So the thing about drinking a 2 liter boot filled with beer on a 90 degree day at a place that is basically outdoors is that you gotta work quick. But for me, there’s only so fast I can go.

Here’s what I looked like taking the first sip:


Here’s what I looked like toward the bottom:


Once I was done with the boot, I trekked over to dompap’s apartment and hung out there before going to a Green Day concert at the Times Union Center Arena. All in all an amazing day.

Coming off the bad feelings I was having, this turned out to be a great day.

Ohh yeah, and visit Ashley’s Blog, Big Flavors from a Tiny Kitchen and prepare to drool all day.


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