The 2010 Birthday Gift Recap

Because I always have a difficult time remembering what gifts I received, I decided to recap it here. I’m sure there will be a few late comers to the game, but all of the 2010 gifts to date follow a certain theme, movement toward an epic video library.

This year, Dom came through with a couple of Blu Ray selections, Robocop and The Departed. Both were movies that I wanted, and, at least in the case of The Departed, are must owns. [If you don’t know, I am collecting 80’s action films on Blu Ray so Robocop is must own for me.]

Brian G and Rory came through with a Best Buy gift card that went toward the purchase of the Predator 1/2 Blu Ray set.

Between some amazon gift cards I received for various rewards and surveys I participated in and some cash that my parents gave me, I bought myself the Undisputed Rocky Collection on Blu Ray. That’s all 6 Rocky movies. I also bought Entourage Season 6 (DVD) and Righteous Kill (Blu Ray), just because I want to see 50 Cent fall out of the window in high def.

Cassie really hooked me up this year. To a level where I think she may very well take birthdays more seriously than I do. She gave me two t-shirts that I really wanted.

Bonus points if you know what DGK stands for...

The first shirt was my get-up for the epic karaoke celebration you’ve already read about (right?). The second shirt was my get-up for my night at Biergarten.

Cassie also bought me Ladybugs starring Rodney Dangerfield on Blu Ray. And then she went nuts. She bought me the entire Three Stooges Collection on DVD. Mind you, if you had been checking my Amazon Wish List, which you should have, you’d know that I added each volume individually. My plan was to get a couple at a time and slowly build my Three Stooges library. I don’t have to worry about that any more. They’re all here. That’s all 190 Three Stooges Shorts spanning from 1939-1959 and accounts for just under 48 solid hours of comedy. Unbelievable! [I highly recommend it to everyone. They did an awesome job restoring these shorts, and if you act quick, it looks like it’s now just under $100 on amazon. Follow the above link.]

Thanks to everybody who came through. I really appreciate everything. And I’ll leave you all with a question to open this up to some discussion (seems appropriate):

What birthday gift did you get for me this year?


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