derryX 2010 Birthday Celebration Part 1 Recap

This year I decided to split up my birthday celebration. The main motivation was that, since the actual day falls on a weekday (Tuesday July 27), I figured not a lot of people would come to that.

So I spent the morning on Saturday, July 24 doing some of my usual routines. Starbucks and Troy Farmers Market with my girlfriend. While we were walking out of there, it started to rain, and this woman looked back at us and said, “OOOH YOU’RE GONNA GET WET!!” Turns out she was talking to a little baby, but she didn’t do much to get out of our way. It’s not like we wanted to get wet because we had to walk her turtle pace.

We then hit up lunch at Justin’s in downtown Albany, on Lark Street. What I had was decent, but the sweet potato fries there can be considered easily the worst thing ever.

Since we were downtown, we decided it would be a cool idea to drop by and see Kevin Marshall get a tattoo during a live taping of the MANville Podcast. This was a really fun time. I got to see some of the behind the scenes of MANville, as well as got to see how things work in a tattoo parlor.

We then picked up an afternoon snack at Cheesecake Machismo, also in Downtown Albany. This place is awesome. They have 10-15 different cheesecakes they bake daily, and a slice with a beverage runs you $5. Cheesecake was excellent.

My girlfriend had never seen Pulp Fiction, so we watched that before Karaoke.

Karaoke was pure insanity. It was me, Cassie, Rory, Brian, Nasty Nick, Dom, and Hockey Joe at The Side Door Cafe in Albany, NY. It was an action packed night that was full of fun and surprises. I sang a number of songs.

  • “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” – Paul McCartney
  • “Party Hard” – Andrew W.K.
  • “Use Somebody” – Kings of Leon
  • “Back Then” – Mike Jones
  • “Santeria” – Sublime (with the rest of the Side Door Clientèle)

Stories include: a girl who left nothing to the imagination, a girl sinking her hooks into Brian G, an emo kid oversinging Fall Out Boys, Peter Palma singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Bleeker Stadium, and me eating a grilled cheese with bacon sandwich. Mind you, all of this happened while I was wearing a Dr. Dre “The Chronic” t-shirt that Cassie bought me.

This was only half of the birthday fun!

(…to be continued)


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