This one goes way back to April 3, 2010.

My friend Cute~Ella was celebrating her birthday and decided to make it a multi-faceted event, like only she and I can. We started with an Albany River Rats hockey game at the Times Union Center Arena. Oddly enough it was the final regular season game for the Albany River Rats, which was kind of cool and also kind of unexciting. I do not remember who the opposing team was but the quality of play was pretty shameful, and I’m not saying that as a professional hockey player but as someone who enjoys a good game of hockey if the mood is right.

The party moved over to Bombers where Cute~Ella enjoyed her birthday margarita. I ordered the Jamaican Jerk Pork Plate, which is basically Jerk pork, beans, rice, cheese, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole served in a dog bowl.

For the last 7 years or so, the food at Bombers hasn’t been anything special, but it’s a place where you can always count on having a great time.

Not long into the evening, we were joined by Michael T. Henry of Michael T. Henry Photography and Dozenroses13 of Dozenroses13’s blog. It was a great time. We all laughed, ate, drank, and had fun. I even got to watch LOST with no volume on the TV in the restaurant.

After a long while, Michael and Dozenroses13 decided to leave, and we decided to follow shortly thereafter. As we were exiting, a motorcycle revved its engine right in front of the restaurant as it sped away. I looked over at Cute~Ella and said, “Wow! That guy’s d*ck is making me deaf!” I guess she thought that was really funny and proceeded to laugh more than anyone should laugh at anything. She even quoted it on a recent blog post.

Of course, neither of us made the connection that there was a good possibility that the motorcycle could have belonged to Michael T. Henry, who is an avid motorcyclist and even writes for the Times Union “Biker” Blog, and that there was further a good possibility of his d*ck making me deaf.


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