Yoga Reaches Out – Nov. 14, 2015

derryX talks a little about an event coming up next month…

Pumpkin Spice DDP Yoga Event

derryX gives you a couple of important “save-the-dates”…

A fun Saturday in July! (Updated)

derryX has a couple of “can’t miss” events for you!!!

Celebrating 4 Years of derryX

A bunch of us gathered to celebrate. It was epic!

A Saturday to Remember

derryX reminds you to cancel your plans for this Saturday…

4 Years of derryX party location

derryX spins a wheel…

Where’s the party going to be?

Let’s plan a party!

Pizza Cousins at Different Drummers Kitchen

derryX recaps a very special night!

Taste of Elegance 2013

Some info on an upcoming event…

Event: Fusion – Friday, October 18

derryX passes along a press release for an upcoming event