Celebrating 4 Years of derryX

Taking Over the Ruck

As you probably saw, we took over The Ruck to celebrate 4 years of me doing this blog. A decent mixture of local media personalities, blog readers, friends, and co-workers came down to show their support and to eat some delicious food.

We’ve already talked about the food part of it. Now I’d like to talk about how awesome it was to spend time with everyone.

I spend quite a bit of time putting together these events, and I have a lot of fun with them, but it’s even more awesome to see other people have fun too.

worst day 2014

I always say the style of the blog follows my own fairly closely, and I’ve been teasing a pretty big change to my own color palette. Well, I took the plunge and bought some new sneakers, which you may recognize from Bruce Lee’s Game of Death among other places.

Yellow and black Onitsuka Tigers

And I went crazy to figure out what my outfit for the big day was going to be. Finally, it hit me, and I found the perfect t-shirt to tie everything together.

Yellow Onitsuka Tigers

I prepared a bag of tricks, too. Inside that bag were printed packets with recipes as gifts to attendees, a YOLO hamster, a picture frame, and a garbage Ace Ventura DVD.

Bag of tricks

My old friend, Rory, brought some Smarties airplanes that he made with his own hands.

Smarties Airplanes

Smarties Airplanes

Smarties Airplanes

Smarties Airplanes

At The Ruck, we engaged in conversations ranging from funny things like stories from college to more unfortunate things like who was responsible for the infamous “April Fools Takedown” that we dealt with earlier this year. We also brushed upon some of the other area blogs. Guess you had to be there.

The Snowman

The party migrated over to Snowman for Monster Boston Shakes, because it’s pretty much a tradition by now. I’ve been talking on social media about how I wanted to order the most epic monster Boston shake ever ordered. I took the officially suggested combinations under consideration, but in the end went with my own concoction: a chocolate shake with coffee oreo ice cream on top (mind you, there’s also hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on this beast).

Monster Boston Shake from Snowman

Monster Boston Shake from Snowman

I made short work of mine and didn’t feel too bad. Rory was a good sport and ordered one for the team.


By the end, Rory wasn’t feeling so hot. I guess you can say it was the worst day of his lieeeeeeeefe…?

Rory's worst day of his Lieeeeeeeefe

In all seriousness, though. We had an awesome time. We always do; that’s why we do it!

If nothing else, one of our pictures became Internet-famous when Andrew WK retweeted it.

Andrew WK

(I never did get to destroy that Ace Ventura DVD either. Maybe it’s not meant to be. Or is it? You have one year to talk me out of destroying this DVD.)


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