A Saturday to Remember

What are you doing Saturday?

Ohh that’s right.

You’re joining us at 12:05PM at The Ruck in Troy for an epic brunch. Then, we’ll all head over to Snowman for Monster Boston Shakes.

This is all for the yearly tradition I keep up to have a get together commemorating another successful year of the derryX blog, but more importantly, it’s for us to get away from the keyboards and interact in person.

deus ex machina wheel

For a while, it was difficult coming up with a location for the party, but thanks to some ingenious science, The Ruck turned out to be where fate wanted this.

I’m lacking the resources (aka $) to put together funpacks this year, but you’re not going to want to miss the festivities for a number of reasons. First, the food. Rumor has it Chef Rachel at The Ruck is working on killer brunch specials, not to mention they have awesome wings and the illustrious “Wing Burger”; and ice cream at Snowman is always a crowd pleaser.

Everyone who comes will receive a packet of my personal recipes to put together a delicious meal at home.

You will also witness the public smashing of my Ace Ventura DVD. I’ve teased this in the past, but, on Saturday, it will happen. Feel free to bring whatever weapon of destruction you would like me to use in decimating this veritable piece of trash.

worst day 2014

Of course there will be the usual argument over the pronunciation of “derryX”, banter over mundane things like Smarties airplanes, and all around good times.

I’ll also bring my bag of tricks, and I’m not even sure what’s going to be inside!

So, Saturday 6/14, 12:05PM. The Ruck in Troy. If you’re coming, let me know either on facebook or privately so we save you a seat.


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