As a result of the generosity of those of you who decided to purchase a “THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIEEEEEEEEFE t-shirt,” using the small commissions I made from the sales of many of these shirts, I was able to purchase one for the cousin who originally told the two stories.

It was serendipitous that an invitation to his brother’s 40th birthday surprise party arrived in the mail mere days after the original post with the two stories went live. Since I was going to be going to the party, I wanted to bring a surprise of my own, the shirt.

The party went down on August 6 down in Ocean City Oceanside, Long Island. The whole night, I told my cousin Dan, the originator of the stories, that I had a big surprise for him later that night. I eventually got my opportunity to hand him the shirt.

At the request of another cousin, Pat, who loved the story, I had to snap a picture of Dan’s reaction to receiving the shirt.

Here you go, Pat:

Dan also took the opportunity to use his patented “Dan pose” with the shirt.

We argued about the actual origin of the catchphrase, and Dan still contends that the 2009 version is accurate, and even took the opportunity to clarify this on the original post. And for that, THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIEEEEEEEEFE!!!!!

It’s still a damn good catchphrase, a fun story (even if it’s two different stories), and, now and forever, a hilarious sound clip.


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