Goodbye Protege

I have decided that it is time to move on from the experiment of having a protege to mold into a decent blogger. It was a way I could give back to the community and benefit by having someone come up with original content to give me a little break.

You’ll remember that XProtege was introduced when I decided that it was only right to throw an event to honor a certain work of literature for its 50th anniversary, an event that continues the current trend of having no support from any of the people that I have no problem helping.

Xprotege was able to come up with less than a handful of decent posts and had a good run on the Jersey Shore reviews (well, they were getting there, at least). He was making progress, but there were a bunch of things that have been adding up that just have led me to discontinue the service of Xprotege. Here’s a rundown:

  • There was a steep decline in the use of twitter to interact with the community – he was doing good for a while
  • I bumped into him exiting the Times Union headquarters while I was going there for a meeting. When I asked what he was doing there, he was extremely evasive, and I have come to suspect that he has been contributing on a certain Times Union blog. Shady
  • I took a week vacation/blog hiatus and was told that some original content by Xprotege would be going up while I was away. It turns out that he posted something I didn’t appreciate about phone etiquette and lapsed on the Jersey Shore review for that week even though he assured me it would be done. Kriskaten was gracious enough to volunteer to write the review for that week. I’ve since picked up the review writing duties.
  • We had various arguments over Skype about my expectations and how much time he could dedicate. Hey man, I work a full time + job and I am able to at least crank out 3 or 4 posts a week. I was looking for him to take on one post every 2-3 weeks plus Jersey Shore reviews (the season is ending soon). How was he gonna learn?

So I’ve taken it upon myself to deactivate his role as protege. Luckily, he never changed the password to the twitter account that I made for him, so I currently have ownership of the “Xprotege” twitter handle. I have changed the password so he can no longer access the account.

So say goodbye to Xprotege. It was alright while it lasted.

My vision is to actually learn from this experience. The mantle of the protege is currently vacant, and I am not looking to refill it. I am however looking into adopting an intern. More details on this will emerge shortly.

(And to address the many people who have asked, I will not be disclosing the identity of Xprotege. Sorry kids)


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