It’s not all good – High Score Netflix Series Review (2020)

THIS IS MY High Score NETFLIX 2020 series review. I talk about specifics contained in the show, so if you consider that SPOILERS, make sure you watch the series before watching this. It’s not all good!

What to do to to avoid burnout – Self Care Routines

Giving you IDEAS for your self care routines. BASICALLY, some self care tips for how to take care of yourself (mentally) and how to avoid burnout by prioritizing the things that bring you joy.

Police presence at the mall VLOG – Fig Hunt, Wine Shopping, Syrian Delights

There was a POSSIBLE THREAT TO THE MALL while we were waiting to buy cheese to have with our Gragnano wine from 22 Second Street Wine Co.

Is a HOTDOG a sandwich? *and more* LIVE DISCUSSION – 8/6 @ 7:40PM

Special announcement from me plus my opinion on “is a hotdog a sandwich” and more controversial topics in this LIVE DISCUSSION!

Andrew Dice Clay INSULTS me (Cameo) – What is the BEST birthday cake flavor cake mix?

*NOT CLICKBAIT* Cassie got me Andrew Dice Clay on Cameo since we were supposed to be in Montreal for Just For Laughs (CANCELLED!) to see him.

What is the GREATEST food of all time ? Kicking off my birthday

I posed the question on all social media platforms and the responses were INTERESTING! What is the greatest food of all time for you? This is how I’m kicking off my birthday.

Mom & Dad talk about gym class and bacon | Making the BEST MOZZ again

Mom & Dad came to visit. They brought the whole garden, a cake, 10 lbs of mozzarella cheese curd, and some stories about gym class and bacon!

MASTERS of the WWE Universe Action Figures + LYF SUPPLY Unboxing

I had to break out the nWo Heavyweight Championship for this one! I got a box of CUSTOM CLOTHES from LYF Supply. PLUS I show off my latest Masters of the WWE Universe Action Figure Haul.

I am taking the Steve Martin MasterClass … AGAIN

I need to repeat the Steve Martin Teaches Comedy MasterClass. Not because I failed, but because I didn’t finish!

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix 2020 Volume 1 GOOD and BAD

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix 2020 edition is really great. I watched Volume 1 the day it came out and IT IS AWESOME! They even brought back the original Unsolved Mysteries THEME MUSIC.