Andrew Dice Clay INSULTS me (Cameo) – What is the BEST birthday cake flavor cake mix?

NOT CLICKBAIT Cassie got me Andrew Dice Clay on Cameo since we were supposed to be in Montreal for Just For Laughs (CANCELLED!) to see him.

This was my birthday. Starbucks. Filming derryX Dines Again. Posting TWO VIDEOS to YouTube. Pizza and garlic knots PARTY. Plus which BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVOR cake mix.

Is it the namesake Pillsbury “Funfetti” or Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip?

Cassie really put in the work to make this day special for me and for all of us!

Stick around to the end to see what Andrew Dice Clay Comedian said to me and about me. The clean parts.

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Cassie set up the cake tasting to try Pillsbury Funfetti cupcake mix against Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip cake mix, both using Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting. So what is the BEST BIRTHDAY CAKE ? Andrew Dice Clay insults me!


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