How Weak Is The New Ghost Pepper Donut from Dunkin ?

OF COURSE I was going to try the Dunkin Donuts Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut!

Eating the World’s HOTTEST Chip – Paqui One Chip Challenge 2020

WHAT A DUMB IDEA! I tried the 2020 paqui one chip challenge by eating THE WORLD’S HOTTEST CHIP!

Best APPLE CIDER DONUTS in upstate NY ?

They might have THE BEST apple cider donuts in upstate NY, but Indian Ladder Farms gets too busy!

They missed the mark – Sneakerheads Netflix Series Review

OH BOY! I saw the Sneakerheads Netflix series, and I have things to say. *Contains spoilers*

My Top 10 *SPOILER* Moments – Cobra Kai Reaction (S1 and S2)

PLUS my THEORY about the Netflix Cobra Kai Season 3 Announcement AND a CAST MEMBER found my video!

My McDonald’s messed up the Cactus Jack Travis Scott Meal

I wanted the Travis Scott Meal at Mcdonalds, and Mcdonald’s MESSED IT UP by missing key details. The Mcdonalds and Cactus Jack collab is awesome…on paper.

I’m getting all of them! Masters of the WWE Universe Wave 1 Action Figure Unboxing

MARK MY WORDS. I will own everything in the line! But for these, I’m opening them! Letting them breathe! This is the unboxing of Wave 1 of the MOTWU figures.

How a reboot SHOULD BE ! Cobra Kai Netflix Seasons 1 and 2 Spoiler Free REACTION

This is my SPOILER FREE REACTION to Cobra Kai Netflix Seasons 1 and 2 (formerly YouTube Originals).

It’s not all good – High Score Netflix Series Review (2020)

THIS IS MY High Score NETFLIX 2020 series review. I talk about specifics contained in the show, so if you consider that SPOILERS, make sure you watch the series before watching this. It’s not all good!

What to do to to avoid burnout – Self Care Routines

Giving you IDEAS for your self care routines. BASICALLY, some self care tips for how to take care of yourself (mentally) and how to avoid burnout by prioritizing the things that bring you joy.