MASTERS of the WWE Universe Action Figures + LYF SUPPLY Unboxing

I had to break out the nWo Heavyweight Championship for this one! I got a box of CUSTOM CLOTHES from LYF Supply. PLUS I show off my latest Masters of the WWE Universe Action Figure Haul.

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The WWE nWo wasn’t great, but the WCW nWo was! At least in the beginning it was. That’s neither here nor there. The Masters of the WWE Universe Action Figures I picked up are incredible. Triple H. Faker John Cena. Macho Man Randy Savage.

LYF Supply is an Albany area apparel brand that “uses apparel, culture and content to spread and reinforce the strong message and power of Self Love,” in the words of David Reali (local creator). Check him out on Instagram (@LYF_Supply). LYF SUPPLY Apparel and Embroidery.


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