Namaste Pizza

The Quadrants in January 2016

Jerry shares some of his highlights from January 2016.

Emma with Beats By Dre

Whatever comes to mind

Jerry talks about whatever comes to mind.

Theater Buffer

The Buffer Seat

There’s an unwritten rule about where you sit in a movie theater when there aren’t many people there. They talked about it on Seinfeld, and it’s just common sense.

Chicken Marsala

Welcome to a new era!

Jerry introduces a new make, model, and paint job for

IMG_1338 (2)

Get ready for the end…

A shift is about to occur…


Things need to evolve…

derryX lays out some things that are changing…

2 Years Flexibility(smaller)

Unstarted and unfinished business

Stay tuned for some cool stuff!

ddp on the radio

derryX on DDP Radio (Updated throughout)

Wednesday, July 15 at 9PM. Listen live or download the podcast…

derryX Chefs Coat

derryX will cook at the DDP Yoga Retreat

derryX shares his menu for his DDP Yoga retreat cooking demo…

derryX Chefs Coat

What I’ve been up to…

derryX gives an update…