I ATE ALL THE MEATBALLS with Comedian Michael Wheels Parise

I WAS ON ONE OF MY FAVORITE COMEDIAN’S PODCAST! Listen now at Don’t Eat All the Meatballs where you listen to podcasts.

Testing MUNCHIES Nutella Bourbon TIRAMISU | MY Recipe for Tiramisu

I talk a little about my HISTORY WITH TIRAMISU and testing MUNCHIES Nutella Bourbon TIRAMISU.

BOOST your self confidence to RETURN TO PRODUCTIVITY

My productivity is directly tied to my self confidence and how I’m feeling about myself at any time. Here are some tried and true tips that help me remind myself of how productive I can be so I can get right back on track!

MAJOR MISSTEP Limited Edition Tiramisu Oreos REVIEW

I’ve wanted TIRAMISU OREOS for a long time, and we finally have them, but there’s a MAJOR MISSTEP in execution.

WHAT IS THE NEW NORMAL? Support your favorite comedians

COMEDY WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. What is the new normal? Will we be able to see live events? Will we even want to go? Will our favorite acts get a fair shot at booking venues?

Yeezy Slides Unboxing and On Feet PLUS my ENTIRE COLLECTION

I found the “Resin” colorway, so here’s a Yeezy Slides Unboxing and On Feet. PLUS I show you my entire collection of slides including far too many CROCS.

I found THE ROCK’S TEREMANA TEQUILA | Social Distance Update

A LOT HAS BEEN GOING ON! Aside from some major family events, we’ve been able to squeeze in some enjoyment from time to time. Things we’re doing during social distancingWorking on how to social distance at workWorking from home and home schoolingDid we actually even like Tiramisu Oreos ?Chef Ric Orlando’s YouTube channelChef Dominic Colose’s YouTube channelWe did a little spring garden cleanup (featuring Oxiclean)The Rock has a tequila brand. I found The Rock’s Teremana tequilaI am having Trouble with Sourdough ! Check out Chef Ric Orlando’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ricthechef Check out Chef Dominic Colose’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dominiccolose LIKE this video to support the channel and if you want to see more videos like this. COMMENT with what you’re doingRead More


WE NEVER HAD THESE BEFORE! It’s amazing how different yet similar the snack selection in Montreal was.


An OVER THE TOP amount of food and beverages for this unique and historic WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36 EXPERIENCE!!! This was the WWE Wrestlemania TOO BIG FOR ONE NIGHT so we just went big BOTH NIGHTS!!! Everything from homemade Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches to Buffalo wings 3 different ways and all of the Easter candy and homemade desserts you can think about! Even the inaugural Wrestlemania SOURDOUGH loaf! Plus my reactions to ALL THE BIG MOMENTS. And as a special bonus, we call my brother Dom (VanDominick Guitar). CHECK OUT MY PREDICTIONS to see how close I was: https://youtu.be/97ZXQ_w6iUY PLEASE NO MORE GOLDBERG LIKE if you watched Wrestlemania. COMMENT if you enjoyed the Boneyard match between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. SUBSCRIBERead More