Cook like Jerry

Techniques to make better meals.

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Italian Meatballs (GF)

Jerry shows you how to create your own simple and delicious meatballs.

Cover Putanesca

Bad Guy’s Pasta

Jerry gives you his recipe for pasta putanesca (literally translated: whore’s pasta) with an ode to The Bad Guy, Razor Ramon.

Basic Tomato Sauce Cover

Basic Tomato Sauce

Jerry shows you a version of tomato sauce that is ready to use in about half an hour.

Mozz en Carrozza Cover

Mozzarella in Carozza (Updated: with video)

Jerry shows you how to make one of his simple, childhood-favorite comfort foods.

Tiramisu Featured

GF, Cow Dairy Free Tiramisu

This delicious dessert was formulated specifically for professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, but is applicable to anyone who is limiting their gluten and cow dairy intake.



Jerry shows you his simple recipe for focaccia from scratch.

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Clean Chicken Marsala (Low fat, low carb, GF)

Jerry shows you a few tricks to making chicken marsala with a healthy twist (or not with a healthy twist)


Cookie Dough Protein Waffles

Jerry shows you how to make protein packed waffles!

Baked cheesy zucchini fries

Cheesy Zucchini Fries

derryX shares his secret to eating more zucchini…


derryX cooks a simple burger (Video)

derryX runs through a number of different considerations in making a simple burger…