Before You Buy Gluten Free OREOS or Lady Gaga OREOS…

THE SCOOP on whether GLUTEN FREE Double Stuf or Lady Gaga x OREO are worth searching for.

We Tasted 3 NEW Oreo Flavors

ONE OREO WAS BETTER between Chocolate Hazelnut, Java Chip, and Brookie-O. WHICH ONE WAS IT?

This One Person Had Strong Character Development in Cobra Kai Season 3 (Spoilers)

Otherwise, it was very UNEVEN as far as how they started and ended the character arcs for Season 3 on Netflix.

This Was The Worst Part Of Cobra Kai Season 3 (Spoilers)

THIS ONE CHARACTER from Karate Kid Part 2 was (for me) the WORST PART OF Netflix COBRA KAI SEASON 3.

I Am Making A New Series With You In 2021 – LET’S COOK (LIVE 12/31 at 730PM)

For This, You Can Participate. In Fact, I Challenge You To Come Up With Something I Never Made!! NEW IN 2021 !!! Plus 2020 recap + 2021 goals!

My Best Christmas Movies To Get In The Spirit (Plus Unboxing A Joke)

SIX of my ESSENTIAL CHRISTMAS MOVIES plus UNBOXING The Ultimate Blu Ray edition of Christmas Vacation.

The Holiday Movies That Made Us Reminds Me What I Hate About Elf

I Watched The Holiday Movies That Made Us Season 1 (If you can call it that!). This is my reaction.

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with My Parents – What Is On Our Table in 2020

See What Is On Our Table in 2020 when we are Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with My Parents.

We Tasted The Limited Edition Gingerbread Oreo 2020

Do They Even Taste Like Gingerbread At ALL?
Gingerbread oreo cookies review of 2020 limited edition oreos

Why Did They Do This ? Unsolved Mysteries Netflix Collection 2

IT’S TIME for another collection of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Netflix. They changed something that I need to tell you about.