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Crispy Fried Chicken That Shatters Like Glass at The Nest

THE MOST POPULAR RESTAURANT in Schenectady has been The Nest for quite a while. Is their Crispy Fried Chicken or Chicken and Waffles anything to brag about?

I Found a Fancy NYC CHOPPED CHEESE in My Area!!!

ILLUSIVE Restaurant & Bar in Rensselaer NY makes an ELEVATED Chopped Cheese just like the Harlem Chopped Cheese.

I Messed Up BIG at This South Indian Restaurant

GREAT INDIAN KITCHEN seems to have all the great South Indian Dishes including Phaal. They also make spicy chicken tikka masala.

I Ate My First KAO SOI. Was It Too Hot?

Checked out Pla2 Thai in Albany, NY and tried a brand new (to me) NOODLE Dish, Kao Soi

SECRET MENU Guatemalan Food at the HOTTEST New Pizzeria

West Avenue Pizza in Saratoga Springs New York (Upstate) got a visit from Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports last summer for One Bite Pizza Reviews. I HAD to check it out!

I Found the NYC CHOPPED CHEESE in My Area!!!

THE NEW YORK CITY CLASSIC. I Found the CHOPPED CHEESE in My Area at Abeeb’s Deli and Grocery in Schenectady, NY

A Truly Off The Hook Nashville Chicken Sandwich

Trying to REDEEM my area for Nashville Chicken Sandwiches, I tried the special at Off the Hook Fish Fry in Schenectady (Upstate NY).

My Very First Tacos Con Todo on Fresh Tortillas

The Most Authentic Mexico City Style Taqueria in my area is LA CAPITAL TACOS. They even make the tortillas fresh!

Indian Restaurant Gave Me Confused Chinese Chicken

Shalimar Has a Dish Called “Chili Chicken” that promises Asian and Indian Spices. I had to see what it was all about. SUBSCRIBE NOW: 🎬 (GIANT Mexican Feast on a HOT Rock?) SUPPORT👕 GENERAL MERCH –👕 FAMOUS derryX LICIOUS MERCH –☕ BUY ME COFFEE!✉️ FREE BOOK! PLAYLISTS🍔 RECIPES –🍴 DERRYX DINES –🍸 COCKTAILS –☕ COFFEE – CONNECTderryX ► http://derryX.comTwitter ► ► ► ► On YouTube:

Panera Chicken Sandwich Is Pitiful

Why Did Panera Need To Do This?!?