XProtege saw Jersey Shore 3 – Episode 1

derryX recently introduced me to Jersey Shore. Besides “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York,” I have never really been a fan of competition-based reality TV shows. But I always loved stuff like “The Real World,” where people who walk different facets of life are artificially gathered together and encouraged to create drama between themselves. That’s how I perceive “Jersey Shore.”

“Jersey Shore” season 3 starts off the way every reality show where the people live together starts off: with the characters arriving at the house. In the first quarter hour, a large focus was placed on the new girl, Deena, her relationship with Snooki, and how Snooki brought her into the house without notifying the others. They basically set her up to be a grenade and even allow her to tell her story about how she opened a bottle of vodka she was supposed to share with everyone else and took three shots prior to the trip.

The first people to arrive at the house were Ronnie and Sammi, who are a happy couple. They awkwardly choose to bunk in a bedroom containing three beds, which creates drama, as nobody seems to like Sammi, especially Jenni who snarls in disgust when she sees Sammi. Everyone squats in rooms, and the room situation becomes Snooki/Jenni/Deena, Paulie/Vinny, and Ronnie/Sammi/Mike “The Situation.

As people are getting settled into the house for the first night, they focus on a hot tub scene between Vinny, Snooki, and Deena in which Vinny and Deena come on to each other, Snooki gets jealous, and proceeds to come on to Vinny. Vinny successfully pushes Snooki away, and Jenni plays wing-girl for Snooki and takes her away at the same time. This is going to be interesting because Snooki is obviously hot for Vinny.

The rest of the episode is really about Deena and how annoying she can be. She brings Mike into privacy to show him her “Cowboy” hat, and she winds up stripping to the point of being “butt naked,” and shows him her vagina; this becomes a point of discussion in the house, and leads to…

A scene where Mike’s in bed describing this to Sammi and Ronnie, who have been absent from any community gatherings. Deena barges in during the story and demands Mike cuddle with her. Mike brushes her off and Sammi laughs. This starts a whole battle between Deena/Snooki/Jenni and Sammi/Ronnie. Ronnie tells Deena, “you’re in my house,” which I always find funny on this show: they all claim to own the house! He also tells Snooki she’s “just a loser from Poughkeepsie.” The fight escalates to a point where Jenni gets up and starts swinging at Sammi, and just when their hands start connecting with their faces, the show ends.

I thought this was a great episode. There wasn’t enough Paulie for me, but it’s ok. Snooki seems to be egging Deena on a little too much. I really don’t understand why Sammi and Ronnie even came to the house; nobody seems to like them, and they don’t seem to like anybody. Whatever. It makes for great drama.

Episode Rating: 8 out of 10.


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