Hold the phone (Xprotege Post)

I have known derryX for a few years now. We’re in touch a lot via email, text, and online, and sometimes on the phone. I’ve noticed that phone conversations with derryX go much differently than with other people that I know.

Here’s a typical conversation when I call him:

derryX: [picks up] “Hello”

Me: “Hey, what’s up?”

derryX: “Nothing”


If he calls me, there’s no awkward silences. It’s actually really funny, and we both laugh pretty hard when this happens.

What I think it comes down to is having something to talk about. Once we get into a conversation, theres no awkward silence. He’s also really good at killing the conversation before there are silences. But it’s that initial awkwardness that is the unique part.

[I told derryX I was gonna write a post about phone etiquette. I can’t wait til he sees this.]


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