Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox360) Review

Ever since getting an Xbox 360 for Christmas in 2007, I look forward to the releases of the Call of Duty games. As far as I’m concerned, the quality of the Call of Duty games is always consistent and you always know what to expect.

I’ve really only been focusing on the single player campaign (I only played multiplayer once with derryX), so I’m going to limit my review to that.

The storyline of the game is sort of a “What if?” focused around the events in the 1960’s, predominantly Vietnam. You follow your character through a number of missions in which you are a double agent for the US. The method of story telling is unique in that each mission is a part of an interrogation of your character. At the end, there are some major plot twists, most of which generated a lot of controversy due to similarity with the ending of a movie called Fight Club.

I am particularly a fan of what happens after the ending, namely (SPOILER ALERT) at a round table meeting with world leaders, a zombie outbreak occurs, and they (JFK, Nixon, Castro, and some other guy) have to fight the zombies off. Great stuff, and the zombie mode is fantastic!

Plot holes aside, I was pleased with the campaign and the story of the game. I actually enjoyed the major plot twist at the end.As far as the game play, it is a very linear campaign, much like every other CoD game. There are a few parts where enemies infinitely spawn, making your life miserable, but, on the normal difficulty setting, it’s possible to finish the game in under 8 hours total.

The game was a lot more like CoD: World at War than Modern Warfare 1/2, which makes sense because it was developed by Treyarch and not Infinity Ward. That being said, I’m looking forward to hours of multiplayer fun (I loved WaW!).

Based on single player alone, I give this game a 9.0/10. I’m sure once I get into multiplayer, that rating is going to rise.

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