A birthday at the Biergarten – July 27, 2010

I actually have been putting this post off until the official launch of the blog. So here we go!!!

The birthday boot of beer is becoming a mainstay in my birthday tradition. It’s one day out of the year where I really ignore any physical cues my body might be giving me that I’m getting older and just totally abuse it. I decided to work this year, so Cassie and I headed over to the garten after work. I started off with some schnitzel.

Schnitzel, Spatzel, Sprolls, Schmashed Spotatoes

Then I had Mark, the Welshman, provide me with a 2 liter boot of beer.

2 liters of beer

As far as who came, it was a veritable who’s who! Cassie (who doesn’t get her picture taken) was there.

dompap was there
John Jordan was there with the laptop of D00M
Rory was there and tried every color hot dog they serve
Brian G was there, as was HOCKEY JOE!!!
A man with a Cartman tattoo on his leg came. Go ahead, read it again if you have to...
Nasty Nick was loving it.
Ryan C. From work came out and showed us The Twitch
Kevin Marshall showed his support for the cause

In fact, this was a major crossover birthday party because there were 7 other boots out that night. Most notably, Ed Lass’s birthday falls on the same day. He is notable because super-blogger Kristi Gustafson thought he and I were the same person for the longest time. We also went to the same college, and, coincidentally share the same birthday. So I’m his evil twin.

Nevermind the cougar to my left, and yes that is an 8-bit Mike Tyson on my shirt. Thanks to Cassie Cramer and DGK for that!

Another guy, Fritz, from work came out as well. I also celebrated with AllthingsEllie and TheMole171 who were predominantly there to celebrate with Ed. Ohh and Cute~Ella showed up right as I was leaving (Cute~Ella’s gonna get her own post based on the awesome gift she provided).

All in all, it was a crazy night of mayhem. I was honored to have so many people that I cared about actually come out and cheer me on. When I got home that night, I tweeted that this event was a turning point and that there was a “line in the sand.” This couldn’t be more true.

Taken together, between the two events, all the gifts, and all the great people I have been able to spend time with, I’d say my 31st birthday was a pretty great success.


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