2011 – Fitness Retrospective

derryX wraps up his 2011 fitness progress

Obama, The Twitch, and All Your Base…

derryX found a pretty awesome gem, and it’s in Obama’s eye!

derryX Rant: Origin/Pronunciation of “derryX”

derryX explains the origin of “derryX”

Twitch 2

A whole bunch of new people are doing the twitch…

Speaking of Video Games

derryX shows off a reward he got for taking surveys on games he’s played at Club Nintendo.

Sneak Peak at The Twitch 2.0

“Come on, baby! Let’s do the twitch!!”

Campaigning for The Twitch 2.0

derryX doesn’t want you to miss being a part of The Twitch 2.0

A birthday at the Biergarten – July 27, 2010

Re-live (or live for the first time) the wonder that was the time that was had at Biergarten!!

The twitch…

All good things must come to an end, and, with that said, so must the suspense behind the elusive “The Twitch” post. So without any further ado, behold, ladies and gentlemen… HULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! The one that started it all… Politicians George W. Bush doing the twitch Sarah Palin saying, “HULLLLLLLLLLL!!!” Comedians Harland Williams is feeling a little twitchy. Paul F. Tompkins does the twitch all day long. People you know and love derryX twitching all over the place dompap twitching over Cherry Coke Big Mike Walsh about to say, “POOOOOOOOO” metalfrog twitching for the cause derryX with an impromptu twitch due to outside interference from metalfrog 8-bit naked Mike Tyson doing the twitch So, I will ask you all: DO YOURead More