What did 20 lucky people get?

As part of the 1 year of derryX celebration that happened Saturday June 11 at Gus’s and Snowman, there was a tease of a limited edition “1 year of derryX Fun Pack.”

I dipped into my personal funds and pulled out the stops to put together something everyone would enjoy. Here’s what I used to assemble the fun packs.

I included a small assortment of candy. Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Cry Babies, M&M's
Plastic Army Men
Magic Grow Capsules
North Carolina Tar Heels Silly Bands
derryX stretchable dinosaurs (sorry...had to...)
I made a special presentation for my buddy Metalfrog, who does much of the design for this blog.
Here's what it looks like if you dump it out onto a table.

It’s nothing huge, but it’s packed with fun. I gave everyone a derryX button, which is pretty sweet. The hope is that in case any of the attendees work a night job at TGI Friday’s, they can add it to their uniform as a piece of flair.

The real prize is the derryX.com Karaoke Favorites 2011 CD. And the whole presentation is what is special. Not only did I go through and hand pick a solid set of songs, each of which I perform at karaoke, but I also included a special track.

The special track is called “Amanda’s Box” by a band called Plan 10, a local punk band that existed during my college years, headlined by my good friend Brian G. They used to play Northern Lights, Valentines, Siena College, Saratoga Winners, you name it around the Albany music scene, they played there. When I met Brian, he gave me a copy of Plan 10’s demo and I transferred the never before released track to MP3 from cassette. This was my favorite Plan 10 song, and has no sexual or perverse connotation to it whatsoever. [I have come to learn that “Amanda” is a girl Brian went to high school with who just so happens to be the sister of someone I’ve met through the twitters and facebooks]

Not only did they get my karaoke picks and the Plan 10 track; the CD case also contained a special QR code. By scanning this code with a smartphone or other internet-enabled device, a portal to special bonus derryX.com content is opened up. Besides the track listing for the above CD, there are four gems up there.

  • A draft of a food review that was too “derryX” for All Over Albany
  • From a previous blogging life: A picture drawn of me by author of Randumb Drawings
  • WWE Fan Fiction Erotica written by derryX himself
  • A rant in which I thank people, call people out who will probably never see it, and explain why things are the way they are

All you had to do was come last Saturday and you had a chance to get one.

The reaction the Fun Packs got on Saturday was resounding. There were children there who were having fun with the toys, candy, and silly bands. Fellow bloggers couldn’t wait to read the stuff and actually used their Android devices to read the stuff. People loved it.

Now, do you see other personal writers go out of their way to give back to their readers and friends.

I don’t…


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