What did 20 lucky people get? Part 2

Last year, I put together a “1 year of derryX Fun Pack” to give to people who were kind enough to spend a few hours of their Saturday afternoon to celebrate 1 Year of the blog. I thought it was well-received, so I did the same thing this past weekend for the 2 year anniversary¬†at Pig Pit BBQ.

So what was inside?

The theme is fun on a budget. I got a whole bunch of toys and a whole bunch of candy.

Espresso Candy, Smarties, Cry Baby Bubble Gum
Dum Dums and (Wonka?!) Pixy Stix
Bouncy balls and finger cuffs
Peanut M&Ms, Cars 2 Popping Candy, and "Paint your mouth" Bubble Gum
A bunch of "I derryX NY" Buttons
Multi-toned Army Men
A Special CD

The CD is something that’s really special to me. Back on October 17, 2011, I had a 1 hour block of radio time on WEXT for a program called “My Exit.” As they always do, All Over Albany featured a short profile and introduction to the show, and I hyped it quite a bit. After all was said and done, I posted a picture with the whole playlist.

Well, now 20 people have a copy of it, and can listen to it whenever they want. They have to put up with me talking for a few seconds between each of the songs, but the whole hour is something I really enjoy listening to; the people who were able to tune in live told me they enjoyed it too, so there it is.

I enjoyed watching everyone play with the toys that were included.

That’s everything that was in the bag, but that’s not the end of the bonus material.

I was wearing an extra special t-shirt.

Sure, the front was ridiculously awesome, but the back had a scanable QR code that linked to some bonus derryX.com content.

  • “The derryX Shopping List” – A fairly comprehensive list of ingredients that I purchase at the various markets in which I shop. It’s a great resource to get to know where I buy the things I use in my diet and cooking that make the difference as far as the quality of the final product and of value.
  • “Almost every secret I have to making tiramisu” – A recipe of sorts that made good on the recipe that I didn’t post when everybody read about my tiramisu.
  • “The Annual derryX Rant” – A free form rant about why I enjoy doing my blog, what I find annoying about blogs, and people I find annoying. When I wrote it, I thought it was all over the place, but, looking back at it now, I think it flows nicely.

Some people noticed the QR code and scanned it while I awkwardly posed for it (which was my actual intention all along).

So anyway, I believe in a small gesture of gratitude to someone who decides to dedicate some of their afternoon, so these little things are the least I can do. (I guess I said that already)


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