Unstarted and unfinished business

The last year has been pretty crazy. I had to take a break from writing here for various reasons. I’ve been slacking on a few orders of business that I’m finally getting around to.

Let’s talk about what I’ve been up to.

More or less, I’ve been up to the same things I’ve always been up to. I dedicate a lot of my free time preparing for DDP Yoga training. Ever since completing certification, I’ve been working on proposals for classes at various locations, weekly classes for a group at work, and some customized personal training. To complete these tasks, I’ve had to put on a variety of different hats that stray far from my backgrounds in the food and pharmaceutical businesses. I never thought I’d be working on as much marketing, visual design, and video editing as I have been, but here I am.

I’ve been training pretty hard. I hit the Orangetheory Fitness workouts 4 times a week on top of my personal DDP Yoga practice. I’ve been struggling with keeping my diet clean, and when I say struggling, I mean not abstaining from goodies when I know I should. At some point, the pieces will all fit into place, but I have been enjoying life. I do have to clean it up soon, though.

Regardless, I’m making strides in flexibility. The following picture shows the difference between two years ago and now.

2 Years Flexibility(smaller)

I’ve been working on some cooking class concepts. I took a break from teaching classes, but I really want to get back into it. A few of the concepts I have won’t really work out where I have been teaching, so I’m feeling around for some new venues. If there’s anywhere you’d like to see me teach, let me know!


Speaking of cooking instruction, a few of the “orders of business” pertain to publishing the recipes I prepared for the DDP Yoga retreat. I’m working on implementing a system that will allow me to post recipes to this site in a more visually friendly manner than in the past. Actually, in the past, I intentionally made my recipes look as little like recipes as possible, because I don’t really like the idea of following recipes verbatim. That’s why I’m not a great baker where the ratios of ingredients aren’t so forgiving. However, I’ve been getting a lot more requests for printable, more visual recipes, so I have to oblige. I have about a handful for now, and I’ll be posting them over the next few days. I also have some video that I can post along with them. Actually, if you’ve been stalking my YouTube page, you might have already seen one.

Adding Cookie Dough

I want to do more cooking videos at home, so keep the ideas coming. I’m crazy enough to do anything.

I’ll definitely have a derryX Dines post coming very soon. And if I get a good block of time to sit down and write, I have some general inputs to make on the overall food scene.

I have a new computer, so why not put this thing to good use?


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