Things need to evolve…

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As part of a campaign to get myself back to somewhat regular postings, I’ve begun to overhaul my facebook page. I simplified it a little by just naming it “derryX”. Just like my website here, you won’t know what to expect there. I might be talking about a delicious meal, something healthy, some workout stuff, or whatever random shit is on my mind. [Side note: for now, Facebook is forcing me to use the improper syntax “DerryX” for the name of the page, but I’m working on getting that fixed. My argument to them was “what’s good for Apple is good for everyone.”]

Part of why I took a break was because I am tired of status quo. I’ve always enjoyed this online presence and really develop the things here for fun. As it grew, I started to see that it really was helping people here and there, so I decided to go down that path when I obtained DDP Yoga certification. Sharing my passion and interest in wellness was natural evolution for this thing, just like sharing my passion and interest in food and dining evolved at some point. It’s actually a pretty natural dichotomy. My tagline “Train. Dine. LIVE!” embodies this.


The last recipe I posted has been my most popular posting in a very long time. I’ve been getting tons of traffic from facebook, twitter, and Pinterest, meaning that people like it and are sharing it. I think the new format for recipes helps, and I’m going to keep that going.

On the overhauled facebook page, I’m giving away some recipes I developed. A few weeks ago, I led a “Pumpkin Spice DDP Yoga” training session where I gave away a couple of healthy recipes that include pumpkin to the attendees. I’m making these recipes available to everyone! All you need to do is like the page, like a post, and tag a friend in the comments. I’m trying to drive traffic to the page where I’ll be sharing a lot of my smaller ideas.

Here’s a cool memory:

Chris Jericho, derryX, and DDP

That’s me sitting next to WWE Superstar Chris Jericho in front of Diamond Dallas Page. This was the first time I was in the presence of either man, and I experienced about 3 seconds of “that mark moment” where you realize you’re around FPs (famous people). After that, I made peace with the fact that, being a certified instructor, DDP is technically a peer (who I of course can learn a lot from!) and that Jericho is another student just like the rest of us. Actually, at a later event, I got to talk with Chris one-on-one, and we talked about a concert of his band Fozzy I attended at Northern Lights (now “Upstate Concert Hall”) in Clifton Park. He made fun of the name, saying it’s more of a room than a hall, and I made fun of him for pronouncing Albany, “Al-bany”. His defense was that he’s Canadian. Fair enough.


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