The pharmacy brings out the worst in people…

I hate getting sick because I hate going to the pharmacy. And I hate the pharmacy because I hate the people there.


The staff at pharmacies are usually fairly helpful, or at least as helpful as they need to be. The clients are generally overly rude to the staff, and I really don’t think it’s ever merited.

The privacy window was designed for a reason, and there’s no reason why I should know any of what I’m about to tell other than the fact that the offending customer was way louder than he needed to be.

I had just dropped off a prescription for some antibiotics to shake a bout of strep throat, and I was sitting in a chair at my local CVS. An irate old man went up to the pickup counter. The kid at the counter greeted the old man with a smile and asked how he could help. Here’s the rest of the exchange:

Old man: “I need my medicine.”

Kid: “Ok, sir, what is your name.”

Old man: spells name

Kid: “Did you or your doctor call it in, or did you drop it off?”

Old man: “Why are you making this difficult?”

Kid: “I’m not trying to, sir. I just want to know where to look so I can find it quickly.”

Old man: “Why don’t you just arrange everything in alphabetical order?”

Kid: “We do, but we have different areas for people who are waiting and people who call them in.”

Old man: “I don’t know. Just find it.”

Kid: “Ok, sir, give me a moment.”

At that point, the old guy talks with the person behind him on line and makes a dumb comment about how the kid is incompetent. After a quick moment of searching, the kid comes back and lets the old man know he couldn’t find anything.

Yeah, this was a train wreck for this kid.

The old man starts yelling and screaming and berating the kid. The kid, who was just trying to help, offered to call a nearby CVS to see if maybe there was a mistake in which CVS the prescription was called into (the old man hadn’t established whether or not he dropped off or whether it was called in).

As it turns out, the prescription was ready at a different CVS 3 miles down the road. Lets not get into the fact that it’s silly for there to be two CVS locations within 3 miles.

Why the hell wouldn’t the old dude let the kid know whether or not the prescription was called in? It would have saved everyone so much hardship. This guy ruined his own day and the day of the kid at the counter because he didn’t cooperate.

I see stuff like this every time I go to the pharmacy, and I really hate it.


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