Strange sequence of events at Starbucks

Sometimes, things happen around me, and I question whether it really did or whether it was just in my head. If I see something happen a second time, it’s a safe assumption that it really did. Then there are strange things that continue to happen, and we’re back to it being a 50/50 shot over whether it was real all along or something I consistently imagined.

Such is the price of having an active imagination.

For a couple of weeks, I kept witnessing the same sequence of events on multiple visits to my local Starbucks, so I’m inclined to believe it really happened.

Let’s review.

The Starbucks I frequent is quite possibly the worst one on the planet. I drink iced beverages all year round. I don’t care about rules such as no iced beverages after Labor Day or whatever the hell you want to make up at this moment.

So occasionally, I’ll stop into this Starbucks for an iced coffee with coconut milk and 2 Splendas. It is true: one out of every two times, I have to alert the cashier to the fact that there’s no upcharge for coconut milk in an iced coffee.

LD Starbucks Cover

Every time I’ve gone alone in the last 2 weeks, there has been an older gent sleeping in one of the lounge chairs as if there is an even older man in front of him reading him a play in a British accent.

Anyway, every time, the man wakes from his slumber, gets up, and walks over to the barista. They say to him, “are you ready?” He nods and goes back and sits in the lounge chair. And once that happens, I finally get handed the drink I was waiting for.

The suspense has built to the point where part of me want to sit down and see what happens next. Another part of me wants to just come out and ask what’s going on. But I guess I don’t care enough to be so bold in either case.


One thought on “Strange sequence of events at Starbucks

  • William Paton

    Please tell me you’ve since decided to see this through and ask, or wait and see if he wakes up again and does this to other customers.


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