Saturday’s the big day!

I’ve already shared the framework of the event with you.

For those who forgot: this Saturday, June 8, at noon we’re all gathering at Ted’s Fish Fry in Troy (350 2nd Ave, Troy – technically Lansingburgh) , having lunch, then making our way to Snowman Ice Cream. This gathering coincides with the three year anniversary of the launch of We’ve developed quite a community in that time, and people love to hang out for stuff like this.

I like to do a little more than just show up to these things. One thing that has caught on is the handing out of fun packs. People have loved those in the past. This year, there will be fun packs (and there’s also a funny story about the lengths I had to go through to make the fun packs, but I digress), but there are only 20. They’re going to the first 20 people to arrive at my discretion. [And I have on good authority that at least 20 people will be there as of the time of this writing.]

As far as what’s inside, those 20 people can look forward to goodies, flair, items donated by friends, and a special card.

The special card is something big.

Both I and MetalFrog have been working hard on putting together a new feature for the blog. In fact, for a good amount of time, he and I were the only two people alive who had knowledge of this project. I’ve since leaked info to Cassie (she’s my wife for God’s sake) and maybe a couple of others, but I’ve otherwise kept pretty hush on the details. The world isn’t ready for it quite yet, but I’m getting a little tired of keeping it to myself. You can pretty much guarantee it’ll be a major topic of conversation on Saturday.

I have two giveaways planned.

The first is a sealed DVD copy of Borat.

The first person who tells me what the best dish I ever ate was wins Borat. I don’t care how you do it. Yell it across the restaurant, whisper it in my ear, text me if you’re antisocial or awkward, I don’t care. You have to tell me on Saturday though. Earlier entrees will be disqualified.

The second is actually a DVD two pack (not sealed). I’m not going to tell you what it is now, but I will say it’s two separate DVD releases that comprise one experience, and that it’s awesome!

We’ll do something fun to give away the double feature.

So, summarizing, fish frys (or onion rings), ice cream, fun, games, flair, and a big reveal…this Saturday. Noon.

Be there!


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