New Year – New regime

It’s a new year for

With that, there are various changes.

There’s a new logo, designed by yours truly, someone with admittedly no graphical design experience or expertise. I am happy with it, and think it captures the mood and tone very well.

Also, I’ve decided to drop “Detention” from the title. Deal with it.

“Taking over the world,” the tagline for in year one, has also been removed. It has served us well.

That’s all in the header, what other changes are in store?

I’m not going to say changes are even in store. You’re gonna see the same types of posts, so not to fear, local fans. However, I’m looking to adopt a broader scope on a general level. As my availability is currently being directed toward commitments pertaining to my full time employment as well as personal developments, I still can work to provide some interesting stuff for you guys. The ideas are there; the time to get the ideas down is a limiting factor, but there’s a plan…

There are also a few projects I’m involved with that are taking some of my time, but it’s stuff I’m happy to participate with and also happy to present to you, as they are released.

It’s an honor to have your continued support, and I hope that you stay for the party into year two and beyond!


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