Let’s celebrate together!

derryX June 2013 calendar

I can’t believe another year has passed!

It’s time to start planning a get together to celebrate three years of the existence of this blog. I’m always on the fence about whether I want to keep doing get togethers like this to celebrate something as silly as a blog birthday or “blog-o-versary”, but with the way turnout has grown in the last two years and the inquiries I’ve gotten about whether or not I was going to plan something, I figured what the hell!

I’ve also lapsed on putting together “derryX Dines WITH YOU!!!” events, so this will make up for that. I’ve been freaking busy, ok!?

The first year, when we invaded Gus’s and then gorged on ice cream at Snowman, turnout was well into the teens. And for year two, when we took over the pavilion at Pig Pit and then gorged on ice cream at Snowman, attendance was double, something like mid-30s.

With numbers like that, it’s difficult to think of places that could accommodate our group comfortably, so I think a good plan is to stick with the model of counter service for our first stop, and, of course to gorge on ice cream at Snowman afterward.

This year, I’m thinking of doing lunch at a place I’ve never been able to wrap my head around fully and to order something I said I’d never order.

Ted’s Fish Fry.

Until now, the idea of a skinny piece of fried fish on a hot dog bun never seemed appealing to me. Actually, even now, it doesn’t, but as MetalFrog has reminded me, fish fry is a regional institution. So I’ll give it a shot, and you’ll be there to cheer me on and snack on your own fried goodies (they have chicken fingers and onion rings and other stuff that isn’t fish, too).

What’s going to happen?! I guess we’ll find out!

There’s a fairly quiet Ted’s at 350 2nd Avenue in Troy, NY, and it’s something like ten blocks or so away from Snowman.

I’m thinking we’ll convene around 12 noon at Ted’s, have lunch, hang out, chat, laugh it up, and then head over to Snowman when we’re good and ready.

There will be fun packs, but there will be a limited number (so get there early to score one). This year, I’m going to try something different. If there’s something small you’d like to contribute to the fun packs, contact me. I’m thinking this could be fun way for friends to promote their ideas.

There will also be a giveaway.

I created a facebook event so that I can get a rough idea of what the turnout is going to be. I know a lot of you aren’t on facebook, so I ask that you let me know if you’re coming either by contacting me via email or twitter (or you can call or text me if you have my number).

I’ll remind everyone a few days before the event.


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