Leave me the Croc alone…

Yea I occasionally wear Crocs. So what?

At least I wear them in colors that are incredible:

I wear Crocs not unlike these

Or I wear them in colors that are amazing.

I also have a pair of these

One night, Cassie and I decided to get ice cream at our favorite ice cream stand, On The Farm, in Latham, NY.

I was on line, minding my own business, waiting to order what I think was a medium coffee/chocolate soft serve twist in a dish, and all of a sudden, there’s a little boy, maybe 3 years old, creeping into my personal space. It’s cool, he’s a kid, he doesn’t know that it’s not appropriate to wobble into other peoples’ legs yet.

Next thing I know, the kid’s mother is crouched down, in my personal space (let’s not go into visuals other than she was at an inappropriate height) and starts pointing to my Crocs, in a manner very much like what happens in this video, except without the incessant laughter.

She starts talking to the boy and says “Oh my God. He has the same shoes like you. Look at this man. He has your shoes.”

(Maybe she didn’t say “Oh my God” but it’s just funnier if she did.)

The little kid was wearing Crocs, as was his slightly older sister. If I had to guess, maybe the kid felt funny wearing the Crocs. I mean, physically, they are made out of a strange polymer that feels very different than a foot in a sock in a sneaker. Maybe it was a mental aversion; perhaps the kid knows about this facebook page. I don’t know.

I just didn’t appreciate the public use of my appearance in the woman’s life lesson to her son. It’s not like I was embarrassed that she was pointing out to all of Latham that I was wearing Crocs; I was just mortified by the fact that someone who was within the distance to perform… my personal space would start pointing at me in such a ridiculous manner.



7 thoughts on “Leave me the Croc alone…

  • KicknKnit

    I find more and more people are either unaware of other people’s boundaries or just don’t give a rats ass.

    (also, I have 8 pairs of crocs.. all different styles and colors.. AND I have jibbitz)

  • Shannon

    My niece hates to wear her bike helmet. Whenever we see people riding their bikes with helmets on, I point them out… “Look, their riding their bikes and having so much fun! They’re wearing helmets too, those keep their heads safe.” However I do it from a distance, I don’t jump in front of their bike or jump on the back of their banana seat to do so. Plus wearing a helmet is a little more important than wearing Crocs.

  • Cute~Ella

    HAHAHHA “within the distance to perform”…

    Sorry, I was laughing through this whole post. Not at you though, if I found a pair that looked ok on my foot I’d totally rock them too.

  • Meghan

    My boyfriend saw a pair of yellow mary-jane Crocs at TJ Maxx and tried to buy them for me. He said “you know they’ve got to be incredibly comfortable and they look really cute.” Now, I think I’m ready to embrace the Croc. I mean, if you’re down, I’m down. It’s that simple.

  • Cassie

    Having been there to witness this, I’ll add that it was pretty clear the little boy did not like his Crocs at all. The woman was, no joke, kneeling on the ground and pointing out the similarities between their shoes. The little boy was having none of it and looked even more mortified now that his mom was putting on this show. It was funny but, kind of awkward and I felt a little bad for the kid because he was cute and obviously embarrassed.

  • Keith

    Crocs and bike helmets are stupid. I hope you all burn in hell for supporting them.


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