How to exploit social media…

Bear with me for a story that has very little to do with wrestling while using wrestling as an example.

I beat you guys to death with my love for the New World Order and its founding members. Over the years I have supported these guys through watching their programs, buying their merchandise, and sharing stories of how I relate to their performances in my personal life with the public.

Through involvement with social media, specifically twitter, the fans have a direct connection to the stars, specifically pro wrestlers in this instance. Many public figures play to social media. For example, Hulk Hogan interacts directly with some fans and even records videos that he posts on twitter or facebook where he addresses questions.

I recently interacted with the Ultimate Warrior over twitter. The exchange started with me tweeting @UltimateWarrior:

Hey @UltimateWarrior “A day without” weight training “is like a day without sunshine.” Am I right?

This was a reference to something Warrior says in his “Karma Collects” videos; his claim is that Hogan used to say this daily, substituting “weed” for “weight training” (i.e. he said Hogan was a drug addict). A day or two later, Warrior actually responded!

@derryX Weight training is my choice, yes. But ANY exercise, done with intensity and focus, will brighten the day, like sunshine in sky.

I thought this was awesome!

I recently had an experience that was not as awesome.

Kevin Nash (@realkevinnash) tweeted that he was going to be giving out 25 personalized videos online.

Personalized videos from me to you. Only 25 available. If you want one email

I jumped on the opportunity and sent an email to put myself in the running. I’ve actually won quite a few things from my involvement with social media. I got a pound of coffee from Uncommon Grounds on twitter; I won Best New Commentor in 2010 at Kristi Gustafson’s On The Edge blog, which scored me a $50 gift card to an expensive restaurant; I’ve won other random gifts that aren’t coming to me right now, but I’ve done good.

So in the midst of my relocation, I took five minutes to formulate an email to Big Kev. I wanted one of these videos. Imagine the weight of one of the founding members of the nWo promoting It would be huge!!! Here’s what I sent in:

I’d like a personalized video, Big Kev.

I run and We’ve been running on Diesel power since earlier this year!

I will also never forget

(for life, brother!)

I didn’t expect to hear back. But I actually received a response…

Hi,Congratulations, you are one of the 25 selected for a video.  There is a cost of $79 (plus shipping and handling).  If you are still interested in purchasing a video, please respond to this message with your name, address and message you’d like Kevin to say.  Or you can simply send a couple of questions for Kevin to answer (max: 2).If you still want the video, please reply and we will send you a paypal request where you can purchase.Note: The videos and autographs will not be done until the weekend of August 6th and 7th when he’s in Cleveland.  We will send the autographed pictures to everyone the week following, plus we’ll upload the videos for you to download.

This was a pretty big kick, a big boot, if you will, to the face. So I got selected to be one of twenty five people who have to pay to have this made? And I have to pay $79 plus shipping? Don’t you think $79 is a bit steep? And what do I care about shipping if it’s getting posted online?

Part of me considered actually doing it, but the other 99.999% of me realized how outrageous it was.

Through the years, Kevin Nash has done anything possible for money, and even his championship runs have been to get more money, so I’m not surprised.

I’m not falling for it, but I’m still a fan.


One thought on “How to exploit social media…

  • Keith

    Yeah, I had a feeling something like that was going to be the outcome. I’ve dealt with some shady marketing types through my web work, and they do a lot of this shit.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your email was added to some list of “special offers” for future endeavors. I’m sure shipping would have been exorbitant as well.


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