Happy Halloween 2013

Can you bring me my ChapStick?
Can you bring me my ChapStick?

Sometimes, all it takes is a long break from something to truly appreciate how great it is.

That’s how I feel about Napoleon Dynamite. When it came out almost 10 years ago, I loved it as a film. I thought the little universe they created was perfect, and, of course, the comedy of the dialogue wasn’t at all lost on me. People took the quoting a little far, and I’ve seen far too many people wearing “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts, so I needed a little break from Napoleon.

I recently re-watched it, and have been told that I’m obsessed with it. It’s not like I was overquoting it or anything. I just took every opportunity to throw Napoleon Dynamite into any conversation. For example, when sitting down with some co-workers eating cider donuts, I randomly came out with, “remember when they put the crystals in the time machine in Napoleon Dynamite?” Someone even emailed me a picture of chicken talons and said it reminded them of me.

What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?
What are you gonna do today, Napoleon?

I’m not going trick-or-treating or anything, but it’s Halloween, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than to be Napoleon Dynamite for a day.

derryX as Napoleon Dynamite
derryX as Napoleon Dynamite

I went out and bought the official wig and glasses. By golly, the local Halloween store had one left in stock! 9 years after the movie came out!

So I’m going to be Napoleon all day today. If there are any pictures or video, I’ll be sure to post them later today, so check back later.



The costume was a huge success.


I even came up with a couple more props.

Fortune and Have Skills and Vote for Pedro

Vote for Pedro and Chapstick

Since my gym kicked me out for wearing a Napoleon Dynamite costume to work out because of a power outage, I stopped at Mr. Subb for some tots.

Get your own tots. I'm freakin starved. I didn't get to eat anything today.
Get your own tots. I’m freakin starved. I didn’t get to eat anything today.

All of the props

This is probably the greatest costume ever made.


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