Grunting for a living…

You know what’s obnoxious?

Sitting down in the gym locker room, tying your shoes, and overhearing the idiotic grunting that goes along with pro tennis matches on the television that’s on in the background.

You know how I know it’s obnoxious?

A quick google search brought up the wikipedia page about it, and that details how people are trying to get it banned.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t condone actually sitting down and watching tennis matches, and I mean no offense to anyone who may enjoy watching it. I quite enjoy playing tennis; however, I find watching tennis matches on television abhorrent.

But anyway, back to this grunting business…

It was actually tackled on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Season 3, episode 3, “Club Soda and Salt.” In the episode, Cheryl, Larry’s wife, challenges him to a match. She had been taking lessons from a professional and had apparently not noticed that the grunting had become part of the way she played the game. He starts mimicking it to make fun of her and to see how she likes it.

Watch the minute long clip, it’s actually pretty funny:

I’m going to take this whole thing one step further.

Most of you know that I make my living as a chemist. Imagine if I exclaimed, “OHHHHHH!!!!!!” every time I transferred solvent to a beaker…

(Ohh no. This sounds like it could be addictive!)


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